8tech Recording

Welcome to the 8tech recording studio where we make it easy for you to record your audio files for your account.

You can record your own content using our Flash recorder. Make sure you have a microphone connected to your device. When you have finished recording, the program will generate an mp3 file to be downloaded to your hard drive which can then be uploaded to your 8tech account.

Click Here to Log into the Audio Recorder

Use your 8tech username and password. If you haven't created your free 8tech account Click Here

Note - This is a Flash recorder. If the recorder doesn't appear in the box then your device doesn't support Flash.

Audio Editing

If you would like to edit your audio files once they have been recorded, we recommend the free (open source) audio editing software - Audacity. We have tested this software extensively and find it to be simple to use and produce quality audio files. They have a Windows, Mac and Linux version for desktop and laptop computers. The Audacity program can be used to record your audio files straight to your computer and then edited before uploading to your 8tech account as well.

To review and download the Audacity program to your computer Click Here.